Personalised New Home Gifts - How To Get It Right

October 30, 2017

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How many of you would say that you spend too much time looking for the perfect gift for someone on a special occasion?

If you're nodding your head to this, then you'll be pleased to know that you're actually part of a majority who struggle to choose the right gift. If you're someone who finds choosing gifts easy - then you're definitely one of the lucky ones! Unless you're naturally creative and able to come up with something thoughtful and imaginative, it's easy to end up buying something last minute and rushed - through lack of another idea.

When someone invites you to their new home for a welcome party, what do you instantly think of buying as a gift? Perhaps a photo frame, a bottle of wine, a candle, or perhaps a print for the wall? As lovely as these gifts are, if there's not much sentiment attached to them then the chances are they're just going to get lost in a pile of better gifts (except perhaps for the bottle of wine!).

Personalised new home gifts make a great change to any ordinary gift, because you can add an element of personality to something. The idea is that you can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. You've just got to be careful in finding the right balance between tacky and tasteful - and there's more of the former than the latter out there!

Why choose personalised new home gifts?

Personalised new home gifts offer you the opportunity to be creative, think outside the box and give your friends or family a gift to really remember. Personalised gifts often create a talking point and if done really well, personalised new home gifts can be completely unique, bespoke and will be treasured for a lifetime if you choose wisely. Expensive you might think, but no - there are a wide range of gifts out there that won't break your budget. Personalising a gift can bring an otherwise ordinary gift to life, and can bring so much joy to someone because of the thought involved and the memories that will be conjured up each time they see it or use it.

There are some really unique ways to show your thoughtfulness through gifts. If you're not as creative as some and have a tendency to make an average choice, then we've got some great tips and ideas on how to pick a personalised new home gift that's sure to be a winner at the next housewarming party you're invited to.

Think about who you're buying for

Choosing your personalised new home gift will all come down to the person/people you're buying the gift for. You can't just choose any old personalised gift and hope that it'll go down well because it looks thoughtful. It's important to think about the type of people they are, what they like doing, how they spend their free time etc. This can be tricky. After all, you might not know them quite as well as you'd like to. Stereotyping can actually be quite useful in this situation - yes, we know it can be risky but in our experience, there's always a few classics that are quite easy to spot. Here are a few that we find crop up consistently.

  1. The dinner hosts

We're talking about the kind of couple or family who won't just invite you for a welcome party, but for many dinners and events throughout their time in their new home. These are the kind of people who are going to have a good size kitchen and top notch equipment.

How do you find a niche among all of it? You go for a modern, usable gift such as a personalised cheeseboard or chopping board, and personalise it so that it's completely unique to them and will trump any other similar gift. These types of gifts are likely to take pride of place in their kitchens and get used again and again.

  1. The socialites

This is the home where drinks are always flowing and everyone has a great time. These people know how to put on a party that wows. They will definitely have a cupboard full of glasses already, but we bet they won't have stylishly personalised champagne flutes? Whether they're enjoying a drink on their own or with guests, your special personalised glasses are going to stand out against all the others.

What a lovely way to welcome them into their new home, too. It's common to make a toast to the new homeowners with champagne, and they can use your flutes to mark the occasion. If you can bring along a bottle of champagne to accompany the gift, then even better - you can get the party started right away!

  1. The family

In this instance, it's usually the parents who receive a gift when they move into a new home - but why should the kids miss out? It's their new home too, right? You could earn extra brownie points if you go that extra mile and choose a gift for everyone. You'll make an impact on the whole family by thinking of each of them, and the special nature will make them want to cherish your gift even more.

Personalised keyrings are perfect for families, because each member can have the same keyring with perhaps the date they moved in engraved onto the keyring or even their individual initials. It's a really tasteful, simple gift that is likely to be well-received by the family.

Bring a smile to someone's face

There are so many different ways to bring a smile to someone's face with personalised new home gifts, because it's true that the thoughtful gifts are those that we remember and use the most. While someone might remember your less-than-tasteful gift, it will be for all the wrong reasons - and let's face it, you don't want that to be you, do you? Personalised new home gifts will go a long way in welcoming your friends or family to their new home. Especially as moving home is a new adventure and a very special occasion for most.

Whatever you do, think carefully about who you're buying for and what they're going to enjoy using most. Then add the personalisation and sentiment as the cherry on top!

We can help you find the perfect gift

Personalised Gift House offers a wonderful range of unique products that can all be personalised with names, dates or whatever you decide to choose. As a company, we're all about celebrating creativity and making a difference to peoples lives through the thought involved in the personalisation of gifts.

Please feel free to browse through our personalised new home gifts, and start designing your gift for your friends or family as they celebrate moving into their new home. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss any requirements you might have, we'd be very happy to hear from you.