Personalised Watches Make A Great Gift Idea

September 26, 2017

personalised watch with blog title a great gift idea

Everyone loves their own birthday and Christmas celebrations. The excitement of receiving presents never gets old; but when it comes to buying them for others around these times of year, the story isn’t always as joyful. Present buying has become more difficult over the years, partly because of the increased amount of choice, and partly because expectations seem higher and people are more interested in receiving something unique and thoughtful - as opposed to a generic gift that could be bought without a particular person in mind.

People want to feel valued and loved when they receive a gift, and personalised gifts have become a popular way for buyers to do just that. Sometimes you just don’t know what someone might need or want as a gift, but there are a few special items that can be personalised and won’t be comparable to any other gift ever received. If you want to give a truly special present, personalised watches are the ideal choice for any partner, friend or family member. A watch is seen as a quality item and is not something that people buy very often for themselves, so it’s a gift that’s almost always associated with a lot of love and attention.

Why personalised watches?

We’ve all remembered – or not – those gifts that have had no meaning attached to them, and have clearly been bought as a last-minute effort. As grateful as you probably are for the gesture, you’ll know that the gift has no purpose in your life other than to sit in a box until you’re eventually ready to make use of it or get rid of it. The difference with a personalised gift, is that it encourages you to be creative and ensure that the receiver is going to be given something that will have had some genuine thought put into it.

While you can practically personalise any item as a gift, there is something wonderful about receiving a personalised watch. It’s not every day that you buy yourself something as special as a watch, and even if you have done so in the past it’s never the same as being given one by someone else. To be bought a watch symbolises love, so you couldn’t be giving a more unique gift if you wanted to show someone that you care for them deeply on any level.

Many people go through difficult times in their lives, whether it’s because of a job, their family, or their own circumstances, and just because someone looks like they’re doing okay doesn’t necessarily mean they are. To give a personalised watch to someone with a unique message engraved on the back is the kindest way to show that you’ve gone out of your way to think about that person and give them a gift that’s going to be memorable for a very long time.

Where to buy personalised watches

You could choose any watch that you think your receiver would like, and then find somewhere to get it engraved afterwards. The choice of watches will be great, but not all of them will have room for a personalised engraved message on the back and it could also be overwhelming. You’ve then got to think about finding someone to engrave it for you – and if you’re known to leave things to the last minute, then you’ll be very pushed for time.

The beauty of shopping for personalised watches online through a dedicated site means that all the extra hassle will be removed and the process made much simpler. Personalised Gift House offers a very simple, easy service. We personally engrave each watch with your chosen message before sending it to you, ready to be given to someone you love.

We use one brand of watch that we think serves a purpose for every modern man and woman. Elie Beaumont and Mr. Beaumont are classic, stylish watches that are timeless and will be appreciated by anyone who is lucky enough to receive one. The space on the back is large enough for a meaningful personalised watch message, which is why we’ve chosen to customise this particular watch. All watches are made with high quality materials, for a beautiful look that will adorn any wrist.

Be creative with personalisation

You may want to be short and sweet with your personalised watch message, with a simple “I love you”, or you may want to make it even more personalised and come up with a message that has a special meaning between you and that person.

It could be a date that was particularly poignant, it could be a special message you’ve been wanting to tell someone, or it could be an inspirational saying or quote that might give someone the courage or motivation they need. There are so many different word creations that you could use to make someone feel really special, so be sure to think about the message you want to convey – because the gift of a personalised watch will last for a long time and that message will be treasured forever.

Showing that you care

At Personalised Gift House, we don’t just care about the products we source and send to you, we also have a huge passion for the reasons behind giving personalised presents. We believe that choosing to give someone a personalised gift is not only unique, but also an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better. We would love for our gifts to have meaningful purpose, and the idea that a personalised gift and message could improve someone’s confidence, give them courage or inspire them to make positive changes in their life, is something that we would be very happy to be a part of.

Do you know someone that isn’t feeling at their best right now, or seems like they need to be shown a bit more love and compassion in life? These are the kinds of people who will value a personalised watch or gift more than anyone, because you'll give them hope and remind them how much they are loved.

How we can help you?

We would love to help you make a difference to someone's life, in the most thoughtful way. Whether you’re looking for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion gift for someone you love, you can’t beat the uniqueness of personalised watches. Personalised Gift House can help you convey your message in a beautiful way, and we promise that we will engrave your watch with precision and care. To know that every watch we engrave is going to make a memorable gift for someone, inspires us to keep doing what we do.

We offer free delivery on any items over £50 and will aim to deliver to you within 5 working days if you live within the UK. If you have any questions regarding our personalised watches, or the engraving process, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you.