Luxury Cheese Board Sets

Our environmentally sustainable personalised cheese boards, made from Welsh slate and Hevea wood create a stunning focal point for any occasion. The special qualities of these boards mean they are strong, durable and ecologically sustainable. By adding a special name or message of your choice they are easily customised to create a unique and special gift. For old school cheese lovers we have a traditional cheese board set or for a more romantic occasion, our heart shaped wooden boards may fit the bill. For the true cheese enthusiast and as a bit of a light-hearted gift we have the mouse themed design, which we find a favourite across all generations.

Unique properties of Hevea Wood and Welsh Slate

Every wooden board opens out to reveal a secret integrated knife compartment that contains three stainless steel knives (a cheese fork, parmesan knife and cheddar knife) with matching wooden handles. This handy storage compartment means that you'll never struggle to find the knives for your cheese board set again!

Our cheese board and knife sets are made from Hevea wood, a sustainable material that is already at the end of its natural life-cycle. It’s an efficient way of using the tree that is coming to a natural end, as often, new trees are planted to replace the old ones. 

Our personalised slate cheese boards are sourced from Wales, UK. Slate is a natural stone and has many environmentally friendly qualities, including being long-lasting, durable, easily maintained and recyclable.

How to care for your board

As the boards are made from a natural material the safest way to keep them looking their best is to hand wash them using a mild soapy liquid. After cleaning, dry immediately with a soft cloth and leave to air before putting away. If you want to give your board an extra special clean once in a while or to remove the smell of stronger smelling cheeses, cut a lemon in half, rub both sides of the board and rinse after three minutes. Alternatively, for a kitchen cupboard solution, you can apply two teaspoons of baking powder to each side of the board. Then pour an eggcup of vinegar over each side which will soon eliminate any lingering cheesy odours!