Personalised signs

Having a space that we can use to relax and get away from the business of life can lower stress levels and increase our well-being factor. They help us to recharge our batteries and let go of thoughts and feelings that don't serve us. They can just be a place where you enjoy doing a hobby or spending time alone or with like minded friends. Maybe a 'man cave' sign is a polite way of saying 'No girls allowed'!

Getting the most out of your space:

1. Clear the area. You will be far more productive in an area clear of clutter and visual distractions
2. Set your intention. Decide what you're going to work on in your space and focus solely on the project at hand. Don't answer emails, calls watch TV or anything else.
3. Use aromatics - Using aromatherapy and other essential oil smells can clear negative energy and create a positive state of mind for the task at hand.

Personalised hanging signs

Our collection of signs label a space as yours. We have a range of personalised signs for sheds and other spaces from garden sheds to garages, workshops and garden sanctuaries. Whether it's a garage space, a music studio, a home brewery or a man cave we have the right personalised hanging sign for you!

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our range of personalised wooden signs, please let us know!