Personalised Custom Travel Mugs for all Occasions, Hobbies or Work.

Our range of Insulated personalised travel mugs are suitable for all occasions. When you’re busy or on the go, they’ll keep your drink hotter for longer. We have several styles to choose from which can be made uniquely yours by personalising the text, or as a gift idea for a birthday or special occasion.

Custom Mugs: Environmentally and budget friendly

Most people consume at least one hot drink every day. Can you imagine if you pop into your local coffee shop even once a day, soon those 7 cups a week will add up to over 350 paper or plastic mugs every year! That doesn't even consider using other consumables along the way.

If you have been considering upping your recycling efforts (or even just starting them) switching from paper mugs to a travel mug is a superb and easy first step! Many people believe that paper cups are recyclable because they're paper but sadly that's not the truth. Most are lined with wax or even plastic to keep your drink hot and also to prevent the cup from dissolving. Because of this, they’re more difficult to recycle or compost, so it makes great sense to get a mug you can reuse.

Custom mugs on the go can also save you time and money. More coffee shops are awakening to the fact this is a good form of recycling. As there’s no paper to throw away they are usually happy for you to use your own cup and in return charge you a bit less! So to help the environment and to meet your coffee and tea drinking styles we have a travel mug collection that we’re sure you will like AND assist in saving the planet.

Even better, if your cup has been personalised with your name it’s easy to see who it belongs to.

Heat Retaining Mugs

Thermal mugs are designed to keep drinks hot for about an hour and come in various forms.  All our travel mugs should last a number of years. Choose from a double wall insulated stainless steel, ceramic Starbucks style or aluminium - all are great options. Some styles will fit in the cup holder in your car and come with spill proof lids. We’re confident we have an option for you that will fit the bill.

Personalised travel mugs make the best and easiest present to create. By adding a name or message to the cup, a useful eco-friendly mug can also become a thoughtful gift. Or customise it for yourself, then they’ll be no mix ups in the office or when you pop into your favourite cafe. There’s a style for most tastes.

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