Customised Chopping And Serving Boards

Gorgeous personalised chopping boards in Welsh Ash, or bamboo. Perfect as a centrepiece for displaying meats, cheeses, and rustic bread. One side can be used to chop and the other for serving or display. Customise the board with a special message or name to create a centrepiece in the kitchen that will last for years.

Engraved Chopping Boards for Every Occasion!

Our range has been designed to give you something for every occasion. For a couple getting married or a wedding anniversary, choose our beautiful handcrafted Welsh Ash, made by hand, right here in the UK. Made from sustainable wood and treated with food safe beeswax, it makes a lovely table centerpiece for your Sunday roast.

For professional or aspiring chefs, we’ve created an incredible bamboo beveled board, the natural property of the bamboo naturally acts as a knife sharpener, helping chefs to keep their knives at their sharpest!

For other special occasions, such as birthdays, our rustic chopping and baking board also made from handcrafted Welsh Ash, is a great option. Showing the exposed grain of the wood, this chopping board makes a big statement during every mealtime and engraving a name on it gives it that extra special touch!

Personalise your gift today! 

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